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Baltimore Back and Pain Center Patient Reviews

Facebook Patient ReviewsThe following reviews about Baltimore Back and Pain Center and Dr. Michael A. Dorn, Jr., DC and staff are from past and present patients.

"When I first came to Baltimore Back & Pain Center almost 2 months ago I had extreme pain in my neck. It was so bad I could barely move it from side to side. I also suffered from less severe lower back pain. Since then, the pain in my neck is almost completely gone and the back pain doesn't flare up as often. The physical therapy and adjustments 3 times a week, as well as the stretching exercises the doctor taught me, have really helped. I fell almost pain free on a regular basis now." - RY, Baltimore

"I came in with pain in my leg. Feeling much, much better." - HL, Baltimore

"I no longer take any pain medicine. I don't use any rubs. When I started I had shoulder and back pain. Feeling so much pain I didn't do things around my house. I now clean and do chores. I am back to myself!" - GO, Baltimore

"I came to Baltimore Back and Pain Center in terrible pain and within a few short sessions of therapy I felt 100% better. The entire staff is professional, helpful and friendly. I wish I would have found out about Baltimore Back and Pain Center years ago. I highly recommend them!" - TD, Baltimore

"My neck and shoulders were in some serious pain, the doctor said due to bad posture. But after a couple of weeks the pain subsided and my neck motion got very good range of motion. The stretches got better, more loose thanks to the doc. I am in a better place now. Much less pain, sometimes it seems like it is completely gone, but I keep coming because I don't want to relapse. And the therapy feels great. When you know something or someone is helping, you need to continue therapy." - SB, Baltimore

"I had been experiencing back pain for several decades. Mostly in my upper back and neck area. I also developed a very stiff and painful shoulder. This made simple daily tasks such as taking off my coat and hanging it up difficult and things like working out impossible. I decided to give Chiropractic medicine a try and the Baltimore Back and Pain Center was suggested to me by a neighbor. I went in for my appointment and Dr. Dorn took an X-ray and based on that X-ray he suggested a treatment program that included both physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments several times a week.

Dr. Devin Beach took care of my adjustments each day I visited the office. Dr. Beach started each visit by asking how things were and do I have any special concerns. He would address any concerns as well as make specific adjustments based on the initial X-ray. Over time my overall pain and discomfort diminished and I have not felt this fluid in terms of range of motion and fluidity in my neck, back and shoulders in decades. I'm back to working out and doing all the things that I enjoy.

My overall health and well-being have been greatly improved thanks to Dr. Beach's efforts! Baltimore Back and Pain Center is one of the best decisions I've made." - 
CS, Baltimore

"Went to Baltimore Back and Pain and saw Dr. Dorn for bad pain and numbness in my neck and arms. I had trouble driving - arms would go numb when I would drive my truck. Now I can drive with no problem and it has reduced to almost none. Dr. Beach has done a very good job of keeping these bones working! I tell everyone I know if they have back and neck pain to stop by Baltimore Back and Pain Center on Hickory Avenue. They work hard to make life easy to handle, pain-wise that is." - RB, Baltimore

"I've had back pain for as long as I can remember. I wrote it off as regular daily aches and pains. I am a Zumba fitness instructor and in the last few months the intensity of my neck and lower back pain had increased. This was affecting my ability to teach. After being assessed by Dr. Dorn and beginning my regiments of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment with the great staff at Baltimore Back and Pain Center, the quality of my life has improved. Shamika greets me with a smile and puts me at ease. Elsya was so accommodating! She took the extra steps to work with my insurance carrier so that I did not have to do the leg work. The whole staff is welcoming and kind. To date I have completed 6 sessions with Dr. Beach and Dr. Dorn. Both men treat me with respect and are incredibly personal. I have more range of motion in my neck and shoulders. I am able to move with less pain and I stand taller. #thankfulforbaltimorebackandpaincenter #gratefulforchiropracticmedicine" - EL, Baltimore

"I just like to commend the Baltimore Back and Pain Center on my first visit on April 23, 2015 for wonderful relief on my back and neck. I had a great weekend as a result of it. I plan to continue treatment for better quality of life. My days are going great. Thank you. This is my first chiropractor experience." - AN, Baltimore

"After 1 treatment, I felt so good! No aches or pains anywhere and I slept without interruption that night. It has been a while since I have had a good night sleep. I am so pleased and happy about the outcome." - GO, Baltimore

"I was told most rotator cuffs require surgery. When I came here I was in excruciating pain. Dr. Dorn said give it some time. With good chiropractor care, it healed and I am happy to report no surgery." - MH, Baltimore

"When I began my therapy with Dr. Dorn it was very difficult for me to stand for more than 10-15 seconds without experiencing excruciating pain. Now I am able to stand and walk for longer periods of time without a great degree of difficulty. The treatments are a great help." - RB, Baltimore

"When I first came to see Dr. Dorn I couldn't sit down for more than an hour without pain. After several months of treatment my pain is entirely gone. Even the chronic mild back pain I had become used to has faded away." - CK, Baltimore

"Great help. Friendly people. Helped a lot with neck and back pain. I feel great. Will highly recommend to all friends and family." - TC, Baltimore

"I fell in the back yard and my back was taken out and I was in absolute pain! In my first session, Dr. Dorn was able to correct my back. Many helpful hints were given. The main one being to use ice not heat on my back. After several weeks my back is now in much better condition and my "disk" has opened more and the pain has been reduced!" - DL, Baltimore

"My neck was not good. The Baltimore Back and Pain Center got my neck back in place. I feel much better and am getting better every time. Great team!!" - JJ, Baltimore

"I  was recently treated at Baltimore Back and Pain Center for severe pain that started in my lower back and radiated down the back of my leg. As a runner I am not used to being slowed down by anything. Dr. Beach explained that I had most likely irritated my sciatica. I don’t even know what that is but he was super patient and took time to explain why I was so uncomfortable. He treated me that day and I had immediate relief. Every visit since then I have felt stronger. The staff are great and you can tell that they really care about every person that walks in. Thanks so much to Dr. Beach and the BBAP staff for getting me back into my running shoes again!" - LC, Baltimore

"I am very satisfied with the results of my treatment. The first week of treatment I could barely walk and moved at a snail's pace. Week by week I improved to the point where my wife was on the phone calling family and friends telling them how I have improved from where I was when I first started. I would strongly recommend anybody having pain to come to the Baltimore Back and Pain Center for treatment." - AW, Baltimore

"I came in with intense lower back and neck pain - I could barely lean over or turn my head! Dr. Dorn and his associates have done a great job in treating the source of my pain, and providing maintenance to prevent it from occurring again. The staff is friendly and helpful with everything from filling out paperwork to making appointments. It has been an all around great experience." - AE, Baltimore

"Thank you so much for providing excellent service! I feel much better and appreciate the kind care that you all provided." - GC, Baltimore

"Dr. Dorn treated me two years ago for the same lower back problem. He explained my condition thoroughly, as well as his recommended treatment. I experienced improvement in a very short time and learned exercises to do at home. I will come back on a monthly basis this time!" - AT, Baltimore

"This chiropractor office is very neat, professional and the staff is awesome." - PT, Baltimore

"A few years back I had a job injury that required back surgery. After numerous procedures that all failed I came to Dr. Dorn's office in a brace and not being able to stand or walk. In a month's time, I was out of the brace and able to walk again. I didn't need any more pain killers. I was doing great until my insurance ran out (no more treatments). Now being involved in a severe accident that threw everything out of place, I came to the office using a walker. After a few treatments Dr. Dorn released the pain and I'm able to walk again using crutches but the pain has subsided and I feel a lot better already. I still have a way to go for full recovery but I feel 3000% improvement and very confident that he will have me put back together. I wish I could take him home, he is that good! Everyone should come see him. Even if you don't have pain, he will keep you healthy. Thank you Dr. Dorn." - JM, Baltimore

"When I first came to Dr. Dorn, I had soreness in my hip. This is now gone. I look forward to coming in for my sessions because the staff and Dr. Dorn make you feel right at home. I like Dr. Dorn because he is very gentle when he treats me. You can tell he and his staff are very professional." - PJ, Baltimore

"When I first saw my xray of my neck and lower back I was surprised. However, Dr. Dorn put together a simple plan to make it better. Thanks to him and the always pleasant staff, the therapy improved my flexibility in my neck and back. I now come regularly to keep it all in order. Thanks." - JF, Baltimore

"My treatments have been a huge improvement and saving grace for my quality of life. They listen to the patient and create plans to provide a road to recovery. Dr. Dorn and the staff are very professional and personable. Overall, I couldn't be happier and look forward every week to my treatment." - JC, Baltimore

"I feel better because of the therapy I am getting for my neck and shoulder. My muscles are not as tight and I can move my neck with no pain." - CC, Baltimore

"Before I cam to Dr. Dorn, my lower back pain was getting progressively worse and I was worried about long-term back issues. After the first visit I already felt confident that my problems were going to be corrected. Dr. Dorn explained my issues and the path to fix them very clearly. Now four weeks in, my lower back pain is almost fully gone. I am extremely happy with the results and in my choice to come to the Baltimore Back and Pain Center." - AP, Baltimore

"My experience at Baltimore Back and Pain has proven to and continues to be an essential component of physical wellness. I'm able to get back in to running and have progressed in the chiropractic areas of exercise, and gaining resistance in my back and neck." - NV, Baltimore

"I have liked the treatment that I have received from Baltimore Back and Pain Center on my back and legs. They have improved very much. I am walking and bending much better. I definitely recommend Dr. Dorn and the staff at Baltimore Back and Pain Center to anyone who needs pain relief." - EE, Baltimore

"I'm a 53 year old male, experiencing lower back pain. After about twelve visits/treatments at the Baltimore Back and Pain Center with Dr. Dorn I decided to play softball, a hobby of mine. Usually this activity would cause back pain for two days. Immediately after playing two games I noticed very little pain. My back was 85-90% pain free. My teammates noticed how better my movement was playing the field and running the bases. Even after two game losses I was very happy! I intend to continue my treatment with big smiles. Thanks Dr. Dorn! I'm expecting even more success while I'm able to do the things I enjoy more!" - SC, Baltimore

"When I came to see Dr. Dorn at Baltimore Back and Pain Center, I was initially experiencing constant spasms in my upper back. After 8 sessions my back is no longer in what I call "spaz mode!" I am looking forward to even greater improvement. Thank you Dr. Dorn!" - SG, Baltimore

"When I first came in to Baltimore Back and Pain Center, I had little pain. After several sessions, I feel even better and have no pain at all." - VM, Baltimore

"I started coming to Baltimore Back and Pain Center in April 2012 because I had constant neck pain and strained shoulders. After regular physical therapy sessions and treatment, I no longer experience regular neck and shoulder pain." - CBT, Baltimore

"My back and neck pain are A1. Dr. Dorn and his staff at Baltimore Back and Pain Center are very good!" - AS, Baltimore

"Boy did my back hurt. My neck as well. Luckily for me, Dr. Dorn was giving free assessments at the YWCA. I took a chance and talked with him. Soon I was at Baltimore Back and Pain Center. Through gentle care, I regained mobility. Thanks to the whole crew: Ms. Pam, Carla, Bill, Loretta and of course Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Dorn!" - TB, Baltimore

"I began seeing Dr. Dorn in April of 2012. I was in a tremendous amout of lower back pain. I had been to other doctors and they wanted to do surgery. I am happy to say that after 2 months of care, I feel great! I am so glad that I went to see Dr. Dorn." - RU, Baltimore

"I came to BB&P to get relief for nagging soreness in my neck. After nearly four months of treatment, the soreness is almost entirely relieved and my range of motion has improved. The staff is super friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable. I would recommend BB&P to anyone considering chiropractic care." - CS, Baltimore

"I have had lower back problems for several years. I was on prescription pain meds and the doctors wanted to perform surgery. I decided to try chiropractic and I'm glad I did. Dr. Dorn and his staff were wonderful! I have been seeing him just over a month and the results are great. My backpain is 95% better. Thank you Dr. Dorn!!" - KS, Baltimore

"I was in terrible pain from a pinched sciatic nerve, and ended up going to the emergency room. There, they took care of the immediate pain, giving me a shot of painkiller, and sending me home with a prescription of Vicodin and muscle relaxer. The pain continued, and I was referred to find a Chiropractor. I have been pain free for weeks now, with the treatment. I recommend chiropractic therapy to everyone in pain. It really helps." - Anonymous, Baltimore

"I have to admit that I have made a fool of my self. I've been in pain for quite a long time. I tried everything (medication etc). I always had this image of chiro being next to voodoo. I went to Dr. Dorn out of desperation (I'll try anything at this point!!) Truly the best move I've done for my back. Although I'm not there yet... the difference is amazing. I'm a believer and he is a careing doctor. And his staff is excellent. It was amazing from the first day I walked in." - LH, Baltimore

"Have mild cerebral palsy and went due to lower back and knee pain. Knee pain is still present, but a lot more infrequent and lower in intensity. Many people have also commented that my gait has greatly improved." - DE, Baltimore

"When I first came to Dr. Dorn I would toss and turn all night. As I woke up my back would feel so tight and ache most of the morning. After a few weeks I am sleeping better and am waking up pain free! Thanks Dr. Dorn." - JB, Baltimore

"After my fall, Dr. Dorn and the associates at Baltimore Back and Pain Center helped me heal and regain my mobility. The staff was always warm and welcoming and made me feel that my care was of the utmost importance. I would recommend them to anyone who needs maintenance or rehabilitation. Dr. Dorn is an exceptional chiropractor." - LS, Baltimore

"When I began treatment at Baltimore Back and Pain Center, I was taking medication for headaches 4 to 5 days/week; the medication was beginning to affect my stomach and becoming expensive. My sleep was disrupted and I was tired all the time. Now I am virtually headache-free, I am sleeping better and have more energy!" - DY, Baltimore