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Your First Visit to Baltimore Back and Pain Center

Welcome to our Baltimore chiropractor office. Patients visiting Dr. Michael A. Dorn Jr., DC of Baltimore Back and Pain Center for the first time (or any doctor of chiropractic for that matter) may feel a bit apprehensive while waiting for their initial appointment. We hope that knowing what to expect on your first visit can help alleviate any new patient’s concern. Your first visit to our office is important, and the following information will ensure you are well-prepared. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any necessary forms that will assist us in your care. You can help us by also bringing the following to your first visit:

  • Health Insurance Card
  • A list of all medications you are currently taking
  • Copies of any X-rays/CT scans previously taken by your general physician
  • A list of any questions/concerns you may have

When you arrive for your first chiropractic appointment, you will receive a free, thorough chiropractic evaluation to determine conditions which may be appropriate for chiropractic care. The doctor will ask you questions about your pain or discomfort and examine your back or area of pain. If you are having ankle or knee discomfort, the doctor will have you walk to see how your pain is impacting your gait.

If the doctor feels that you will benefit from chiropractic care, he will discuss the type of care to be administered, and what results may be expected. Discussion of your treatment will continue as the care continues, to evaluate both treatment effectiveness and projected duration. You will also be referred to another health care provider for conditions which are not appropriate for chiropractic care.

Finally, you will be given a clear understanding of your insurance and financial arrangements. Dr. Michael A. Dorn Jr., DC and the staff at Baltimore Back and Pain Center guarantee appropriate, ethical care will be delivered in confidence, with respect for your privacy and dignity.

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