Shoulder, Wrist and Elbow Pain Relief


You don’t have to live with pain. Along with neck and back pain, pain in the elbow, shoulder or wrist are also very common complaints. Our experienced doctors of chiropractic and friendly, caring staff at Baltimore Back and Pain Center will take care of you and your pain using the safest and most gentle chiropractic techniques available today without surgery or drugs. Chiropractic is the safe and natural approach to health care.


Common causes of elbow pain include dislocation, fracture, strains, as well as Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow. Elbow pain may also occur due to arthritis. Treatment can vary depending on the cause of the pain. Most cases of elbow pain are not serious and generally get better after resting the elbow for two days, and avoiding the activity that caused the injury for at least three weeks. Chiropractors can treat elbow pain using massage therapy, joint manipulation, and other techniques.


An auto accident, various diseases or a medical condition affecting the abdomen or chest, including gallbladder or heart disease, may cause shoulder pain. Certain physical activities or movement of the shoulder or arm can make the pain worse. You may feel pain only when you move your shoulder or all of the time.

In order to establish a treatment plan, we must first diagnose the cause of the pain. A comprehensive exam will be required to find the causes of your shoulder pain. Applying an ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes and limited movement can bring relief. Stretching the surrounding tendons and muscles can also reduce pain.


Wrist pain can be caused by injury or other long-term conditions. Learning the exact cause of your wrist pain can be difficult; however, a proper diagnosis is critical, so that a treatment plan can be put in place to alleviate or manage your pain.

Causes of wrist pain can include sprains, strain and fractures, repetitive motions – from tennis to typing, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cysts, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Kienbock’s Disease. We will ask you several questions about your wrist pain, including how often it occurs, when it occurs and the precise location of the pain. Further testing may include X-rays or an MRI. Delays in diagnosing and treating the cause of the pain can lead to reduced range of motion and long-term problems.

Minor pain can be treated with rest and ice packs. To treat severe cases of wrist pain, chiropractors can manipulate and/or re-align the bones of the wrist, use ultrasound and muscle stimulation and other techniques.

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