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Chiropractors treat more than just back pain. Michael A. Dorn Jr., DC, can also help you with pain in other parts of your body, such as the shoulders and neck. Dr. Dorn and his staff at the Baltimore Back & Pain Center use spinal adjustments and other physical therapies to relieve your pain and set you up for long-term health. If you’d like to set up a consultation to meet Dr. Dorn, use the online scheduler or give the center a call.

Chiropractic Adjustment Q & A

How do chiropractic adjustments help?

Using quick force applied to the spinal joint, chiropractic adjustments are meant to shift your spine into proper alignment to relieve pain and encourage recovery.

Chiropractic manipulation often rehabilitates painful conditions without drugs or surgery. Spinal manipulation also increases mobility and takes pressure off the spine.

What other procedures do chiropractors offer?

In addition to spinal manipulation, Dr. Dorn provides a variety of treatments based on your particular diagnosis. The Baltimore Back & Pain Center offers:

Dr. Dorn chooses techniques based on the location, severity, and characteristics of your condition. He often combines in-office treatment with at-home exercises and self-care regimens to improve your body’s function and prevent further pain.

What conditions can a chiropractor treat?

When you think about chiropractors, your first thought is probably of back pain. Dr. Dorn can certainly help you find relief from your back pain, but he successfully treats a variety of other ailments too, including:

Dr. Dorn even treats infants for acid reflux, colic, and ear infections.

How do I choose a chiropractor?

The first criteria you should consider are your chiropractor’s credentials as a trained and licensed practitioner. Dr. Dorn is a board-certified chiropractor with extensive experience providing chiropractic care and physical therapy.

You also want to make sure your chiropractor stays abreast of modern chiropractic developments. Dr. Dorn is up to date on the latest chiropractic techniques and uses the most current equipment at the Baltimore Back & Pain Center.

It’s also crucial that your chiropractor is a good personality match for you. After all, you may see your chiropractor several times per week for several weeks.

You should feel comfortable expressing your concerns to your chiropractor and getting your needs met. As a self-described “man for others,” Dr. Dorn is dedicated to his patients and takes a personable, holistic approach to everyone he treats.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dorn, book an appointment online or call the Baltimore Back & Pain Center.